The day I am set loose on the world

So, World, look out, Betty and I are coming for you.  Nic, divine website designer, has given me the reins.  Or to be more accurate, has pointed out areas of my ‘back end’ that I can fiddle around with.  Yep, flummoxed also and Nic could have been speaking Darlek… but I will not be defeated and I will get to grips with technology.  I can hear my oh so techie sister crying with laughter.

It probably wasn’t the most fortuitous start to the day, as when I went to Betty’s harness on, I rapidly discovered that it had fox poop on it.  Who said she’s a London girl who doesn’t like country pursuits …?  So that went in the machine and she was on a collar and lead (which I fiercely advocate against), but at least I know she walks brilliantly and I trust my ‘soft hands’ (if any of you are horsey, you’ll know what I mean) to cause minimum strain on her neck.  As it’s so hot here in London, we mooched around Falcon Park in the shady areas and then went a wiggly way through the estates to Falcon Road.  Fascinating for me to see areas I don’t often walk through, and for Betty to smell out new areas.  And to add new members of her fan club, as the pavement repair people had to wait for us to walk by before dropping a digger load of hot tarmac, and Betty chose that moment to give an enthusiastic welcome to skimpily clad repair man … who was charmed.  Me, less so, as hot tarmac swayed in the breeze above my head.  There’s a tiny little green patch/park by Falcon Road which has some excellent natural agility stumps and cubes for Betty to use as stepping stones.  We stayed away from the ‘sleeping’ person sharing the park with us.

Oh my … I think I’ve done it …


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