Salty Sea Dog

We found ourselves with a day and a half free at a loose end as we had finished our stint with GLB.  We finished with double, double dogging* again on Saturday at the social walks and the romance continues with GLB.  Possibly I am as equally smitten as Betty, it must be said.  I had always thought it slightly odd when parents adore their daughter’s boyfriends utterly … and now find myself doing the same with Betty ..!  (* for those who are new to my blog, don’t get your undies in a bunch, it’s 2 social walks with dogs back to back, hence the ‘double’, and then with Betty and GLB, two dogs, so double double dogging .. it’s not the other sort of activity … but it’s one I use a lot as it makes me laugh.  A lot. Live with it. )

On Sunday afternoon, we loaded up the car and set sail for Westbourne in Bournemouth to stay with our friend James.  Uncle JimJam.  We got there early evening and went for a walk on the beach front.  It is just the best seeing how excited Betty is to be in the sand – bombing around, and playing.  Bournemouth has a surprisingly large number of dog-friendly beach sections, so there are a fabulous array of dogs to watch, having the time of their lives.

On Monday, we stocked ourselves up with lots of cold drinks – human and canine, a picnic lunch, towels and loungers and set up camp. We rented a beach umbrella for us all … Uncle JimJam had overdone it a few days earlier and was a tad rashy.  Not a huge amount of sympathy from Betty and me …

A glorious day at the seaside.  It was stiller in the morning and Betty was happier with smaller waves lapping at her legs, than she was later in the day when the waves picked up a bit.   Photos of the salty sea dog below.

The salty sea dog felt she had to protect Camp JimJam from all canine interlopers.  Not sure this reflects terribly well on the dog trainer ….!


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