ODAS (own dog appreciation society)

I am still a bit giddy about yesterday’s launch and mind racing in every direction.  Yesterday, I went to puppy class with Winkie.  Puppy heaven.  That puppy smell, those tummies, those tiny white teeth …  Today, I went to see a gorgeous lurcher boy (GLB) who will be joining Betty and me for walks over the next week or so while his owners are on holiday.  Swayed by huge kitchen envy, I noticed that he is truly, madly handsome.  Not for the first time have I noticed this about GLB, but today, I got close up and hands on. Flat white sort of colour but with points dipped in dark chocolate – tip of whippy tail, ears and toes.  Indecently beautiful eyes with lavish kohl.  Oh I can’t wait to hang out with GLB.  But back in the car, with Betty next to me, I did a quick ODAS check over.  She smells like Betty.  Somewhere between slightly tusselled sheets (not Tracy Emin by a long chalk), more like 2nd night sheets, dry grass and a gentle eau de something I can’t place and not sure I want to dwell on.  Her hair is closer to silky mink and feather boa and whichever direction you stroke it, it smooths.  Nothing Velcro about getting the wrong direction with my gal.  While I sat at my desk, she gave me a quick reminder of some of the many Bettyisms that are so perfect.  Lying on her back with furry tummy up to cool down or just to show it off – dual purpose action.  The look of ‘Hi, what are you doing? I’m here, I can help’.  She is a pretty Whatsadoodle.  And then there’s her bottom.  I never tire of this.  The tail that never really covers her modesty cast carelessly aside and which is so feathery, it ruffles in the breeze.  The merest sight of smooth, black pads peeping out of hairy feet.  It almost hurts to breathe I love her so much.  Edward Lewis said “I invented the concept of more.”  But, nah, no more for me, ta very much.

So, indulge yourself with a little ODAS check over.  GLB, I can’t wait to find out more about you, but neither your handsomeness, friendly charm or squidgy puppies make my heart swell like Betty does.


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