Above Luxborough

On the Sunday after the massage course, and a glorious night’s sleep … bliss hearing the occasional bleat rather than 747’s flying overhead on the Heathrow flight path. We had to vacate the adorable cottage by 10am, but actually, as I had decided we were going to have a wonderful walk before setting off back to London, it was good to be out in good time. Looking at my ‘circular pub walks of Exmoor’ book, I found a pub we hadn’t been to before and a matching walk. Happy Days. It was also en route in the right direction for London and not far from the cottage. Driving through pretty Luxborough to start our walk was a gorgeous start to Sunday.

We started off walking through forestry – Betty haring around on squirrel alert and the walk opened out to Luxborough Common at the top – amazing views. Someone had kindly left a picnic chair at a view spot – we took advantage of it.

one that Betty didn’t roll on!
The walk took us a couple of hours and we weren’t going fast – just glorying in our surroundings and breathing fresh air. Needless to say, we needed sustenance at the Royal Oak to set us up for our journey back

The journey was much better on the way home and Betty slept off her walk in the woods.
What a TOP weekend … having a dog makes life infinitely more fun!






Last Friday, I took the day off and flew to Vienna for my first ever PDTE AGM. I got the hotel so fast due to the Airport train (known as the CAT .... Betty would be horrified) and the subway and emerged in Simmering which is a suburb of Vienna. The Hotel, a JUFA...

To vet or not to vet

To vet or not to vet

Last Sunday, Betty and I drove down to Oxshott for a seminar at which Amber Batson was speaking on 'to vet or not to vet?'. A few things to note here. Firstly, I made a cake for the seminar attendees and I can highly recommend it. I have now done it twice. And it's...